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Income And Asset Based Social Policies And Programs


In your book, on pages 353 - 354, is listed several income and Asset-Based Programs.

-Read about each one of them. Decide which program interests you the most. Access the program's website.

-How does a client access the program's benefits?

- Does the website give information about the program's effectiveness? In your opinion, is it effective?


Title: Income And Asset Based Social Policies And Programs
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Income and Asset Based Social Policies and Programs

Asset Based Social Policies refers to the tangible incentives that are used to help low income earners pull out of poverty through provision of inducement for low wage earners to save their finances. There are various programs that have been established  in this initiative, some of which have worked effectively. The Savings Gateway Program, which is a social policy pilot project in the United Kingdom,matched savings pound for pound up to £375. The program came up with amounts that remained open for a period of eighteen months during which the account holder could withdraw any amount of money required. At least £1 had to remain in the account for maintenance while the maximum deposit in a month was limited to £25 (Chapin, 2011, p.353). The participants of this program have no limitations on how they can spend the money withdrawn from the accounts. The program is satisfactory because it serves people with diverse earnings and situations, including the disabled and retired individuals receiving retirement benefits.


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