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In My Facebook


Write a personal narrative essay it has to contain at least 750 words or more and it has to be something personal.


Title: In My Facebook
Length: 3 pages (900 Words)
Style: MLA


Is it true that the photos and the posts I put on Facebook reflect the way I live? I have some specific experiences, both positive and negative. Few years ago, I heard my friends talk about the platform. Out of curiosity, I opened my account too and added friends. Further, the likes and comments on my post updates increased by the day. It has been fun, educating, and at times boring. I have left the platform a couple of times but found myself missing the experience and decide to reactivate my account.

A stranger sent a friend’s request followed by a message on my wall that we are relatives. However, I had never met or seen her before. Her Facebook account name was not familiar. Interestingly, she was. I confirmed with my uncle who I used to chat with during his vacation in Africa. I liked visiting his wall to view and like the photos and the video clips he posted online with his bride to be. After that, their wedding plans were underway. Notably, the printed cards were less while the girlfriend spent more time on Facebook sending the wedding invites to her friends. Surprisingly, those who were interested also sent back a confirmation. Before the big day, Facebook event’s page gave us the number of people attending, maybe attending, and not attending. My uncle and I worked together on a Facebook page and added his wedding event. Moreover, we invited family and friends and engaged on plans for the event. I never knew I would get in touch again with my relatives who relocated to Asia


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