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Improving Global Governance On Corruption

  1. What is corruption and its effects ?
  2. What are different types of corruption how does it differ from north vs south ?
  3. How can it be regulated a global scale ? who are the global governors and the norm enterpreneurs?
  4. What are their goal and what are they doing to achieve it?
  5. What ngos ingos dwells upon corruption?
  6. What have it achieved already and how?
  7. What are the difficulty to control corruption?
  8. Who's the best on improving global governance on corruption - also interect with countries and compare. reflect on Transparency international, UN, OXFAM, world vision international, who committs those fraud and does the ACFE works. SO who how why to improve corruption

Title: Improving Global Governance On Corruption
Length: 13 pages (3575 Words)
Style: Turabian


1.0 Executive Summary

The performance of many governments in the world has been hampered by corruption by a few individuals in government. Corruption is the reason for underdevelopment in many countries and has been a source of poor governance. The policy paper is based on the strategies and policies for improving global governance on corruption. In many developed countries, corruption has led to increased poverty levels, high unemployment rates, and lack of trust in the government. The purpose of the paper is to develop policies and strategies that governments around the world can use to improve governance and reduce corruption. In one of the policies by Transparency International, individual governments are required to establish an independent anticorruption commission or agency that acts as a weapon for the fight against corruption. Another international body that has developed policies in fight against corruption is the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNODC). UNODC requires that member states establish anticorruption commissions that must operate independently to enhance transparency in the public sector. The paper proposes various alternatives to reduce global corruption and improve governance. The proposed action plan would be viable in all governments is the development of technologies that tract public spending and reduces corruption.


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