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Improvement Of Commercial Website Using Eye Tracking Technology


Research paper on Evaluation and Improvement of Commercial Website Using Eye Tracking Technology


Title: Improvement Of Commercial Website Using Eye Tracking Technology
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The rapid developments of the Internet have allowed users to access information and interact with new products and markets. Web is increasing drastically, and internet access devices of different kinds are currently available. A Commercial website is created to generate revenue for profit making organizations. Commercial sites are developed by people who sell services and products, and advertisement online. Most commercial websites design guidelines that are in use today have been derived though carrying out a heuristic evaluation. There is no involvement of the website users themselves. This research is based on empirical studies with the actual commerce website users to evaluate an existing commerce website. This research uses eye tracking technique in solving the research questions. The eye movement data collected by an eye tracking tool will be complemented by participant profile data that is elicited through background questionnaires and other user perception information gathered through semi-formal interviews. The research investigates participant’s impressions of commerce website landing pages and the effect of presentation formats as well as user adaptability to placement of elements in a commerce website. The results from this research will validate or invalidate the conventional design guidelines and approaches as well as identify potential refinement for commerce site improvement. The results contributes empirically to HCI. The methodological approach in this research paper gives insights into user experience with a focus on user behavioral aspects such as visual search, and subjective aspects such as user preference and expectation. The implications of the research results is to amplify the commerce website design guidelines from the actual user’s perspective and not from a heuristic approach of expert inspection.    


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