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Health Care 4 Pages

Importance Of Vaccination


Your friend boasts that recently they had their child vaccinated. They ask you if your child has been vaccinated, as well. You reply, "No..." But even before you continue, you are abruptly interrupted by your friend who states emphatically how "irresponsible" you are for not having your child vaccinated.

How would you respond to your friend's comment? If you are in favor of vaccinations, then explain why you haven't done so up to this point. If you are not in favor of vaccinations, please explain your stance, as well.


Title: Importance Of Vaccination
Length: 4 pages (1143 Words)
Style: APA


Importance of Vaccination

The question of vaccination raises many questions and arguments. These arguments are based on religious beliefs and other on cultural beliefs. However, vaccination is one of the greatest health care achievements of our time. Vaccination is very essential for any child to lead a healthy life. My child has not been vaccinated yet, but plans to take him for the procedure are in order. My child was born in a very remote part of the country with no access to an immunization facility. Vaccination must be given by a qualified medical practitioner. When given in the right amount and the right method, vaccination protects children from infections and prevents the spread of diseases. It would therefore be irresponsible for any parent not to have their child vaccinated with all the benefits outlined.

 Vaccination is all about preventable diseases. The diseases with the vaccination include tuberculosis, measles, mumps whooping cough, polio, and many others. Vaccination protects children from serious illness resulting from disease-causing microorganisms. A vaccinated child stands a better chance of surviving infection compared to one that is not vaccinated. It prevents complications that would develop as a result of such diseases. The vaccinated child may however get infected with the disease for which they are immunized. The vaccination protects the child such that they present with mild symptoms which would otherwise be fatal.


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