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Importance of Organizational Culture

Importance Of Organizational Culture


Type a 2-3 page paper describing the importance of understanding Organizational Culture as it relates to work place change. What is it, why is it important, why do you need to understand it? Use a minimum of 2 resources to support your reasoning (magazines or academic journal articles are acceptable, see list above for suggestions). A properly APA formatted reference page is required.


Title: Importance Of Organizational Culture
Length: 3 pages (895 Words)
Style: APA


Importance of Organizational Culture


Organizational culture refers to a system of shared values, assumptions, and beliefs that govern how individuals behave in an organization. The values that employees of a given organization share have a significant influence on them, including the way they act, dress, and perform their duties. The behaviors and values of employees depicted in the organizational culture significantly contribute to the unique psychological and social environment in the workplace. Organization culture emanates from such factors as technology, product, history, market, type of employees, strategy, national culture, and management style adopted in the organization. The values, vision, norms, language, norms, habits, and assumptions are also included in organizational culture. Organizational culture affects the way employees of a certain organization interact with one another and with their clients. New organizational members are required to adhere to these behaviors for them to be accepted as full members of the organization. This paper discusses organizational culture, its importance, and application in the workplace.


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