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Impersonal Creative Force


The creator, Shuangdi (or, Shang te), an impersonal creative force inseparable from the material universe, brought the material universe into existence through a primordial air, in which all material substances are contained, and a primordial light.

Discuss: how is the idea of 'an impersonal creative force' which is inseparable from the material universe it creates different from a Western Middle Eastern view of the universe?


Title: Impersonal Creative Force
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The western/Middle eastern view of the universe is that it has a God that controls after being the creator and who also sustains the universe, who also has no limitation of power and knowledge. The universe is fashioned as created, but is also eternal as based on similarity in Christian and Islamic beliefs. The material of the universe was, therefore, created by God and all of it came from nothing, also known as, ex nihilo. The universe is from God's external thought patterns and is therefore a perfect expression of his mind.


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