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Impact Of Marketing On An Organization And The Products Or Services.


Briefly define each term (total of 4) Explain how each could either positively or negatively impact the organization, and / the product or services in which you are trying to promote and sell in your Strategic Marketing Plan - research application:

  1. Pricing Issues
  2. Brand Competitors
  3. Product Leadership
  4. Situational Influences

Title: Impact Of Marketing On An Organization And The Products Or Services.
Length: 1 pages (304 Words)
Style: APA



Impact of Marketing on an Organization and the Products or Services.

There are several strategic marketing factors that impact an organization along with its products or services. These include pricing issues, brand competitors, product leadership, and situational influences.

Pricing Issues

 Pricing issues constitute touch on the question of how high or low the prices for goods and services are. When the prices are too high for the target market, sales will be less, and the organization might end up making losses.


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