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Impact Of Internet On Business


Write a 500 word essay based specific ways in which the internet has changed the way businesses operate in the global marketplace, for example global wage arbitrage. Issues of global regulation and oversight might form the basis for an essay; likewise, increased sales opportunities or decreased costs might form the basis for your essay.

Please note that essays do NOT require citations, nor do they require a works cited section.

Here's a Google search string to get you started:

ways in which the internet has changed the way businesses operate in the global marketplace

Please keep in mind that this essay represents your opinions, so there are no right or wrong answers per se. For grading purposes, the key factors are the word count (500 required), correct submission in the appropriate format, and effective writing.


Title: Impact Of Internet On Business
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


                                                   Impact of Internet on Business

              When the internet was invented about 15 years ago by the well renowned and revered pioneers such as Claude Shannon, who conceptualized a mathematical theory of communications and Tim Berners Lee, who invented the World Wide Web, it was not aimed at making money, but was rather an unprecedented conception that initially aimed at performing rigorous mathematical calculations. The mainframe computers, the cradle of computers, were particularly consequential in the military in their calculations on missile trajectories.

Up until the 1990s, the nascent internet was limited to government use for military purposes, and was only available for a few crumbling of the social elite until Al Gore, the then vice president of the United States clamored for a legislation that would make the internet public. The impact of Al Gore’s move is felt today around the world as a conglomerate of ways of using the internet to enhance human life and activities are conceived every day. Business and corporations have also sought ways of using the internet to reduce their costs of production. The internet has helped business automate once otherwise manual operations do away with the costs of building repositories and inventories for ledgers. It has substituted with server storage and services like cloud storage that drastically reduces the storage space and costs of building the facilities.


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