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Immigration & Illegal Immigrants


Begin performing the research in preparation for the Background and Legislative History review that will be due at the end of Unit 7. In addition to researching current periodicals and legislative histories, you will also want to explore if any research has been done in the academic field.

Use appropriate APA citation formats when creating the notes for your Background and Legislative History review and include pertinent available resources regarding the public sector problem you have identified. Be sure to include in your notes: a synopsis of the material, why it was included, and the context of material to the problem, whether it includes statistical information, and whether it supports your potential solution, or detracts from your potential solution. By categorizing all of these areas in your research, you will be better organized to prepare and write the Background and Legislative History.

Be sure to check out pages 102 through 112 of the Smith text for examples of legislative histories.


Select a resource, or resources, regarding the public sector problem you have identified and that includes numerical data. The numerical data can be statistics or financial information. In a memorandum ( narrative format) to the decision makers that you presented your .ppt to, interpret what the numbers are saying about the public administration issue either as a problem or in support of your solution. Use appropriate APA citation format in the memorandum and include an APA resource section as an attachment to the memorandum.

Click the link below to read an article from Strategic Finance Magazine that is an excellent example of a narrative the describes and interprets numerical data.

Source The Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business® (IMA)

Be sure to check out pages 45 and 79 of the Smith text for examples of memorandums.


Title: Immigration & Illegal Immigrants
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


Immigration & Illegal Immigrants

The topic of immigration into the United States of America has been hitting the news headlines for a long time now. The immigration office records a very high number of immigrant influx into the country each year (Kenney, 2008). The United States experiences both legal and illegal immigrants into the country. However, most of the illegal immigrants do not end up going into the records for fear of deportation back to their countries. As such, they engage in unscrupulous means to get into the country, contributing to the already bad situation existing in the United States brought. When the immigrants get to the United States, they become dependents. As such, they survive in conditions that even compromise the living standards of the indigenous people in America. They contribute to high crimes and inefficiencies within the economic system in the country. 


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