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Psychology 2 Pages

Imitation Of Film Mediated Aggressive Models


Since these articles have an Introduction, Method, Results, and Discussion section, use this sections below for your summary: 

What the researcher expected to find. 

What are the study procedure and important independent variables and dependent variables? 

The major result or findings of the study. 

The main conclusion(s) of the study. What you liked and disliked about the article.



Title: Imitation Of Film Mediated Aggressive Models
Length: 2 pages (618 Words)
Style: MLA


Imitation of Film Mediated Aggressive Models

The Expectations of the Researcher

The aim of the researcher was to determine how behaviors of children were affected by the aggression films they are exposed to in their young age. In particular, the stated type of behavior was measured by specially mediated aggressive models to see if assaultive actions espoused in the cartoon characters would be demonstrated by children in real life. What is more, the researcher has expressed the thought that boys would show more aggression as compared to girls. Consequently, those who displayed more anxiety on this issue would show more imitative aggression than those who showed less anxiety. Under these circumstances, children who were not exposed to any aggression were expected to remain the same.

In general, the research was conducted to prove that certain types of the human behavior are formed due to the influence of outside factors such as films. Moreover, the author of the article attempted to provide evidence that children can easily imitate aggression even from films with cartoon characters. Children tend to repeat even words that they hear from films, especially the films with cruel elements.


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