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Economics 2 Pages

Identify 10 Countries


Identify 10 countries collect their per capita GDP unemployment rate ,annual inflation  rate ,life-expectancy rate draw graphs using Excel,make comparison and write a few sentence about rate their overall may collect the data for the most current year


Title: Identify 10 Countries
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
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Per capita Gross domestic product is among the leading indicators employed to assess a nation's economic health. GDP represents the cumulative dollar amount of all services and goods produced over a specified period. From the data of the ten countries Switzerland has the largest per capita GDP followed by Netherlands at the bottom of the list is Mexico with 3362.4. A high GDP indicates that there is value in the economy or high incomes or an increase in expenditure meaning that there is a rise in the living standards for the citizens because of higher incomes translating to more spending of goods and services. Every nation strives to increase GDP to improve the citizens’ prosperity.


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