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Human Sexuality and Development

Human Sexuality And Development


Directions: Read each question and answer ALL parts of the question in ESSAY. In answering each question, make sure your responses are thorough and well thought. Writing a few sentences in your responses will not result in receiving full points. Demonstrate college level writing (organization, grammar, clearly stating your logic, length).

Chapter 7: In all generations there are developmental concerns when it comes to sexuality. Focusing on sexuality in late adulthood, developmental concerns (biological changes, death of a partner, and psychological influences) are present. Explain two of these developmental concerns in your response. Why would they be a concern?

Chapter 8: As we have learned, developing good communication skills within a relationship plays an iatrical part to the success of that relationship. In saying that, talking about sex is important as well, though it is not always easy to establish or maintain. What are the three obstacles to sexual discussions? What are the three keys to good communication in regards to sexuality? Explain.

Chapter 9: The book identifies four couple sexual styles (complementary style, traditional style, soulmate style, and emotionally expressive style). Explain three of these styles in your response.

Chapter 10: Within this chapter the authors describe noncoercive paraphilias and coercive paraphilias. Explain both topics. What are the differences between the two?

Chapter 11: One of the most heaviest and delicate topics the book covers is Abortion. In saying that, there are traditionally two different sides to the debate (Pro-life & Pro-choice). Explain both sides of this topic...what are the mindset/values amongst both sides? What are the differences between the two?


Title: Human Sexuality And Development
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Human Sexuality and Development

Chapter 7

Biological changes are a major concern with regards to sexuality in late adulthood. Late adulthood often dawns with reduced physical aggressiveness as even brain processes begin to slow down. Changes such as drier and less flexible skin, hair loss and weakened muscles often lead to feelings of despair and discomfort for the aged. The old have to stick to a stricter diet in order to lengthen their life and reduce the probability of being worn out by diseases.


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