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Human Resource Planning


Recently the great grandmother of one of your team members passed away and gifted your team member $5 million (after taxes) for him/her to do as desired. Your team member recently graduated with a Master’s in Human Resource Management and has always had an entrepreneurial yearning to open his/her own company. After creating a team of entrepreneurs to found the company, he/she remembers his father’s complaints that the Small town they live in only has one type of luxury auto dealership, BMW, yet there are thousands of wealthy professors, medical doctors, and business professionals that would be elated to have other luxury car options. 

Therefore, his/her team decides to open up what is believed to be a much needed, Mercedes Benz Dealership in their small town. As a team, you need to decide how many people you will staff in your dealership, whether they will be full-time or part-time employees, and the ideal method of compensation for each job classification. In your HR planning you decide that your dealership will need the following breakdown of job categories: 300 hours a week of sale representatives, 150 hours a week of lot specialists that keep your inventory clean and marketable, 80 hours a week of receptionists and janitorial workers, and 150 hours a week of mechanics.

Answer the following questions:

  1. how would you structure your internal workforce with regards to part- time and full-time work and why?
  2. How much will you pay each job category?
  3. What would you pay each job category compared to other car dealerships (in town), why?
  4. What specific approach (es) would you use to incentivize performance for each job category (note: be creative and apply individual, team, and/or organizational approaches, or even a hybrid of them, when most appropriate)?
  5. Why would you select that/those approaches of incentivizing performance for each job category? (justify your decision) how would you ensure that employees perceive their compensation package as equitable ( inside and outside of the company)?

Keep in mind that there are numerous other car dealerships in town so there is extensive competition in hiring the most talented employees. Finally, Mercedes is an expensive make of luxury car, therefore, though $5 million seems like a lot, you are really operating on a relatively tight budget considering the amount of sunk costs required to have a parking lot full of vehicles. Be sure to answer all of the preceding questions with the goal of producing immediate profit from your business venture.


Title: Human Resource Planning
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Human resource planning

We are going to allocate the workers jobs in form of two structures: part time and the full time basis. The lot specialists shall have a number of them (15) being supervisors. This is due to the urgency of their services that calls for having someone round the clock. They shall be therefore entitled to full time jobs and the other fringe benefits accrued. The rest of the lot specialists shall be hired on temporary basis and therefore highly replaceable. All the workers shall be paid in terms of the hours that they worked in addition the full time workers shall reap the benefits of overtime work done. The part-timers shall be given the ability to choose the working hours that they prefer.


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