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Hr305: Hr Issue Research Paper And Presentation Project



Assignment Due Dates:

  • Feb 11:  Properly formatted memo (see COBE Writing Styles Guide) due with two unique, specific Human Resource Management (HRM) issues for HRM Issue Research Paper.
  • Feb 18:  Memo returned with approval and/or suggestions.
  • March 4: Deadline for written request for topic changes, subject to approval
  • March 30:  Page one of paper (text not title page) & references page in proper format
  • April 6:  All complete papers due at the beginning of class. Presentations, including listening, learning, asking and answering questions, and leading discussions will begin and continue to approximately Monday April 27.


Content and Format Requirements for Paper:

Students will provide a concise, informative research paper that addresses a timely human resource management (HRM) issue of interest.  Please use the issues submitted and approved on Feb 18, incorporating suggestions provided by Professor Bodie in her approval comments.  Issue changes (optional) should be submitted in writing to Dusty no later than March 4, so that she can review and approve the issues to prevent overlaps.  Paper should:

  • Present data collected through research on a Human Resource Management or Human Resource practice “issue” (Issue: a point of debate, discussion, or dispute.  6th definition of “issue” in Riverside Webster’s II dictionary)
  • Provide timely or relatively new (not older than five years) knowledge about this HRM issue.  Remember this is a research paper, not a position or opinion paper.
  • Answer the question “so what?” through your data presentation and conclusions.  Make sure you have drawn conclusions, not just summarized.
  • Be well organized.  Please include a beginning (introduction), middle (body) and end (summary and conclusions), in your text, without using these specific titles as headers.  (See informative headers in format section).  Make sure the introduction and purpose statement (what you concisely say the paper is about) connects with the conclusion.
  • Incorporate at least five references from at least three different types of resources.  One must be an academic journal (not a magazine) similar to those listed on page 455 from Chapter 15.  (You may find many of these located on the Boise State Albertson Library databases.)  Two other resource types, such as books, newspapers, websites, and interviews will complete the requirement of three types.)  Three types of resources total, including the journal are required.  The HR305 textbook can be referred to but should not be used as one of the five primary resources.  
  • Present data that is balanced, i.e. the research paper should not have 60% or more of the information coming from one resource.
  • Apply this data to at least one company, organization, sector or industry (COSI) as an example.  (As this is a paper about an issue, not about a company, only about 10-15% of the paper should be about the COSI, and the rest, the issue.)
  • Allow you the opportunity to have fun learning something new and interesting.

Paper format should have:

  • Double-spacing, using either block format or indented paragraphs; be consistent in whatever reasonable style you choose.
  • Third person voice (not you, I, we)
  • Title page with (in this order):  informative title of paper, name of audience (Professor Dusty Bodie, HR305 Spring 2015), your full name, and date written out (Correct example: April 6, 2015; Incorrect example:  4/6/15, or April 6th, 2015, or Apr 6th, 2015)  These four pieces of information should be spaced attractively on the title page.
  • Numbered pages starting with first page of text, not title page.  Choose and use a consistent numbering pattern.
  • Page one of text with informative title centered at top of page in upper case letters. (same title as on title page)
  • Informative headings within text.  Use and space these consistently within a reasonable pattern.  See COBE WRITING STYLES GUIDE (COBE WSG) for American Psychological Association (APA) guide to header levels, as one option.
  • References page using APA style
  • Stapled package, including title page, text, and references page. Please don’t submit in folders, covers, or other document holders. 
  • Error free use of grammar, spelling, case, punctuation, and sentence structure, using COBE Writing Styles Guide, and writing rubric.  After you have edited several times, please ask a friend, family member, or another student to review another time.  When reviewing our own papers, we often read what we intend it to say rather than what it does actually say.
  • Visually appealing and readable paragraph length (With specific topic to each paragraph, and not a paragraph the full length of the page.)


  • Presentation dates will be determined approximately March 11.
  • Requires professional dress 
  • Includes development and leadership of at least one open-ended (content-related) discussion question, from the speaker to the audience.
  • Includes at least one content related question from each student in audience to a student speaker over the course of the presentations (roughly seven class days).
  • Does not exceed eight minutes (total of presentation, questions and answers, discussion leadership, and discussion)
  • Uses proper delivery techniques (see presentation rubric on Blackboard)
  • Clearly introduces and discusses research on a timely HRM issue in a concise manner

Title: Hr305: Hr Issue Research Paper And Presentation Project
Length: 8 pages (2200 Words)
Style: MLA



In business organizations, various departments perform different functions that enable the business to grow big. Such departments include the marketing department responsible for the sale of the products of the company and advertisements, the production department that deals with the supply of raw materials and production of goods, and the human resource management that deals with optimization of the different ministries in the organization in an effort to maximize the profits of the organization. The human resource department is responsible for the provision of solutions to various problems within the organization, which might affect the smooth running of the business. In the country, the recent drop in the prices of fuel is causing various problems in different organizations prompting the human resource department. The primary objective of this paper is to consider issues related to human resource in an organization and the application of different ways to offer solutions.


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