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Hr Strategy Responding To A Union Organizing Drive


HR Strategy Response to a Union Organizing Drive


Title: Hr Strategy Responding To A Union Organizing Drive
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HR Strategy Responding to a Union Organizing Drive

Organizations confront difficulties with employees to motivate them towards attainment of goals. A major challenge is the process of unionization that introduces additional requirements as financial consequences (Stell, 2009). Non-unionized organizations aim at preventing unions through the HR strategies by use of various methods although some may be unsuccessful. Some solutions include using communication capabilities to create employee awareness ofthe disadvantages of unions. Organizations could also force elections to adopt a democratic solution. These options promote positive relationships that may reduce unfavorable effects of unions. Aggressive methods could be used, though cause adversarial climate (Holley, Jennings, & Wolters, 2008). This paper will explore cases for unionization at Acme Auto Parts, Zinnia hotel, School District 273, and Woodville Healthcare and provide the most appropriate solution for implementation by the upper management. This will be achieved by analyzing the problems, identifying and selecting the best alternative, checking its effectiveness, and eventually implementing it.


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