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How To Pump Water From A Rig Using Human Power


Explain different ways to extract water from rig using human power in villages at least three ways.


Title: How To Pump Water From A Rig Using Human Power
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How to Pump Water from a Rig Using Human Power

The development of pumping water has changed in parallel with the change in power sources available to humankind [2]. It is true that our ancestors who cupped their hands and drew directly from a source chose the method of pumping water that they understood and new best [1]. Today water pumping uses sophisticated equipment due to the advance in technology over time. Moderrn equipment such as the centrifugal pumps are available and mainly utilized in the developed countries. For the communities in the developing countries, people use both human and animal power to pump water. Those methods are especially useful in rural areas where there is no connection to the electricity grid.


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