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How To Attract And Keep Skilled Leaders When There Is A Seasonal Shortage Of Work


 Assignment 4 – Resort Management Challenge, Part 2 

For your groups management challenge, profile the issues and investigate solutions. Present results in a power point (up to 12 slides) or Prezi to the class and invited guests and provide a brief executive summary report (1,500 words) outlining the challenge, related issues and solutions. Power point and report must be referenced (APA) and may build upon Assignment # 3. You can use a previous articles.


Title: How To Attract And Keep Skilled Leaders When There Is A Seasonal Shortage Of Work
Length: 5 pages (1350 Words)
Style: APA


How to Attract and Keep Skilled Leaders When There Is a Seasonal Shortage of Work


 Attracting and retaining a skilled workforce was once only an issue for some isolated markets, but it is slowly penetrating into other industries and becoming a global challenge. Factors such as wage levels, demography, worker dissatisfaction and the reputation of working long hours are often the contributing factors towards skilled leaders’ shortage. Demographics in Canada shows increased emigration rates and people are moving to look for better opportunities in other countries hence it becomes difficult to retain staff. The prevailing wage rates especially for those paid on commission are unusually low during the low season and others opt to shift careers. The industry’s reputation is that of extensive working hours, and this is not attractive for college students making the availability of skilled labor and leaders very hard. During the off-peak season, there is not much income in the industry, and therefore, the businesses do not have enough resources to offer training programs. That, together with increased idle time makes the leaders lack satisfaction in their places of work and opt to leave and seek better opportunities in other industries. This paper discusses ways in which the hotels and resort can attract and retain skilled leadership in these economic situations


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