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How The Situational Leadership Theory Is Used In The Organization


How the situational leadership theory by Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard is used in the organization?


Title: How The Situational Leadership Theory Is Used In The Organization
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How the Situational Leadership Theory Is Used In the Organization

1. Research Question:

Gaging how suitable the Hersey and Blanchard approach is to leadership is a model that attempts to show us different styles of leadership that as leaders, we need to change so as to meet the needs of the followers, and that this is the only way to be effective. As a leader, identification and understanding of the level of development are important, and thus it is important to identify and explain the different development level of the subjects or followers in a working environment as well as an approach to leadership which suits the set.

2. Introduction:

 The thesis stating that the situational leadership theory is the best leadership approach that can be used in any organization will be used throughout the paper in explaining ways of becoming an effective leader, through a leadership approach that suits the situation at hand. Also, how the followers can also learn can also learn to be flexible in leadership skills as well as and not just become mere future bosses (Mwai, 2011).


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