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How The Internet Has Changed World Culture


Write a 500 word essay based on how technology, with particular emphasis on the internet and computers, has changed world culture. You might explore interaction between cultures, or you might wish to emphasize the evolution of some particular society. Conflicts between cultural values and materials available on the internet might also form a good basis for an essay.

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how the internet has changed world culture

Please note that essays do NOT require citations, nor do they require a works cited section.

Please keep in mind that this essay represents your opinions, so there are no right or wrong answers per se. For grading purposes, the key factors are the word count (500 required), correct submission in the appropriate format, and effective writing.


Title: How The Internet Has Changed World Culture
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


How the Internet has Changed World Culture

The world culture is rapidly changing, and the greatest impact is technology particularly internet and computers. With the help of computers, internet services and smart phones, the world has developed into a global village. You can easily learn the culture of any part of the world a click away from your computer via the internet.


 Internet has changed our culture in many aspects. One of those aspects is in the raising of children. The new generation possess smart phones, internet and iPads, which make them interact with their online friends in any corner of the world and at any time (Wiener 128). However, immense use of internet in the family setup makes family time less valued. Indeed, this was not the case several years ago. Internet has impacted on the culture by making families be less of the prominent structural unit it used to be in comparison to today’s culture. Internet has made communication more easy and efficient as well as enhancement of the access of information to the people.


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