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How sustainability in the workplace is oversimplified​
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How Sustainability In The Workplace Is Oversimplified​


Discuss how over-simplification of complex issues (sustainability in the workplace) can lead to costs to business practice or even major problems on a global scale. 

What thinking tools can be employed to help prevent the effects of treating complex issues as if they are simple  issues and how can the development and use of these tools be encouraged?


Title: How Sustainability In The Workplace Is Oversimplified​
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How Sustainability in the Workplace is Oversimplified

Sustainability is among the major issues currently being dealt with at a global level. Every country, organization, and individual is striving towards sustainability in every aspect of their activities. With the formulation and implementation of the sustainable development goals by the UN, sustainability has become an aspect which has been incorporated as a means towards achieving a set of goals and objectives. Currently, sustainable workplaces involve not only environmental issues but also the occupational health and safety of the employees and aspects of social inclusion. In addition, sustainability has been said to include ethical principles, which guide an organization towards reaching its set goals. In workplaces, sustainability is achieved through simplifying various work processes with an aim of reducing costs and maximizing profits in the long term. With the issue of sustainability taking the business industry by storm, there is, however, an issue of oversimplification of the work process, which is brought about by organizations trying to promote sustainability. This oversimplification involves tackling every issue that comes to the organization with utmost simplicity coupled with assumptions, which can have negative effects on the business (Capasso, Zurlo, & Smith, 2016).

To many people working in large organizations, workplace sustainability is brought about by the simplification of processes in the organization, which eventually promotes success. A healthy work environment is not always oversimplified. The modern workplace has been diluted by the notion that a sustainable workplace is often oversimplified, and the procedures and processes of that organization are simplified as well (Eklöf, Törner, & Pousette, 2014). To some degree, this idea is true as some processes in an organization are simple and thus require simple procedures. The simplicity of an idea or process is however justified by its ability to solve a problem or accomplish a set goal or objective. People believe that complex issues in an organization are time and resource consuming and thus not sustainable in the long run. However, this notion is not true as some issues and problems require critical and deep thinking and problem-solving strategies (Pinder, 2014). Therefore, simplifying these issues or the strategies used in solving these issues only reduces the chances of overcoming the problem at hand.

According to Nollman (2013), sustainability in the workplace has the potential to affect many different aspects of an organization including employee productivity. Sustainability in an organization may involve cutting down the costs of operations and using the simplest strategies in reaching a goal or an aim. This process has been known to affect the quality of work presented. Some aspects in an organization, which are often viewed as being simple and less effective, often have long-ranging impacts on the organization and the global community at large.


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