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Mathematics 7 Pages

How Snipers Apply Math When They Are Shooting At A Target.


Describe how snipers apply math when they are shooting at a target.


Title: How Snipers Apply Math When They Are Shooting At A Target.
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Snipers are highly trained marksmen who operate on their own, in pairs, or within a team of snipers in order to maintain a close eye contact on the target and shoot from a hiding place on a distance that exceeds the detection possibilities by the enemy (Rusch, 2013). They operate on independent bases with little asset and combat support from the main units. A sniper has highly selective and very specialized training and the use of optics, special application rifles with sophisticated communication assets that feeds valuable information back to the units (Steiglitz, 2012). Application of minutes and Angles (MOA) and mill radian dots are very important in the sniping process.


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