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Communications 6 Pages

How Sensationalistic Tabloids Make Things Up.


Explore the world of tabloid journalism, legal cases against them, how they survive, or not.

Written report of between 1500-2000 words for Communication and media law class.


As an emerging communications professional it is essential that you are aware of, and understand, current topics in the area of communication and media law. These current topics are constantly evolving and shape the way a communications professional makes decisions, govern actions, and communicate with others. This assignment gives you the opportunity to practice and demonstrate your competence by conducting research and reporting on your current topic through both oral and written means.


•Your report shall include at least five original sources, not including Wikipedia.  Original sources can be legal documents, books, magazine or newspaper articles, or analyses found online by research institutes or advocacy organizations. Students may also conduct original interviews if they choose.

•Wikipedia can give you an introduction to the topic, but cannot be quoted or cited as a source. Wikipedia points you to the original sources of the information.

•Your oral report should include audio-visual elements, PowerPoint or slides. It can also include, but should not be exclusively video clips of five minutes or less from or other online streaming service on an issue of relevance to media law.

•WARNING: Beware of potential plagiarism. You must submit your paper to Blackboard, which will tell you, through SafeAssign, how much of your document is copied. If your report is more than 20% plagiarized, you will receive an automatic F. Blackboard gives you the opportunity to revise it and upload it again. But once you have submitted the paper on Blackboard, once the deadline has passed, there are no more opportunities to revise it.


Title: How Sensationalistic Tabloids Make Things Up.
Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
Style: APA


How Sensationalistic Tabloids Make Things Up

Tabloid journalism is a genre that focuses on extraordinary stories and gossip about international stars such as footballers, musicians, and actors. Most individuals do not consider tabloid journalists to be like their other counterparts since their style of covering news is particularly unique. However, the professional values and ethical standards set by these journalists are just the same as those of their newsroom counterparts. The word, tabloid, has a sensational legacy due to the history of their provocative headlines and the usually exaggerated stories. Tabloid journalism, at times, clashes with the law due to the defamatory nature of some of their reporting. A number of legal cases have arisen as a result of tabloid journalism and celebrities have sued media agencies seeking damages for sensational stories they claim to be untrue. Stories of celebrities engaging in drug abuse and acting irresponsibly are common on tabloids. The big question, often, is whether these stories are true and if tabloid journalists hold the same level of standards as their newsroom counterparts.


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