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How New Insights Alter Lifelong Beliefs


The Assignment:

The main point of this assignment is to further demonstrate the significance of your “research question” – or to put it differently, demonstrate what’s truly “at stake” in posing the question. To do this, you will narrow your focus on what you think is the most important – or “operative” – concept or term in your “research question,” and then put together an explanation of that concept or term designed to achieve two related objectives: first, to convince your reader of the significance of the concept itself; and second, to account for why, exactly, your “research question,” due to its concern with that concept, is important and is worth raising – that is to say, propose why it has the potential to make a unique, intellectual contribution to a larger academic conversation.

As will be discussed in class, relevance of new research often comes from an issue (problem) that has been observed in one or more situations and gaps in previous research on that issue.


Considering where you ended up in Short Paper #2, determine the most “operative” or “pivotal” concept of your evolving “research question.” Then locate sources that will help you explain the concept and argue the relevance of your question.

Consider using a relative personal narrative, description of an event, captivating quote, or visual to grab your readers attention in your introduction. Then introduce the concept and research question. You must also present a thesis statement that focuses on the relevance of the research question you are proposing.

Next, speculate about the importance of the concept or term in question. Then, buttress – and also “complicate” – that speculation by describing the larger academic conversation surrounding the concept – that is, by bringing in objective accounts of outside perspectives on it. In other words, focus on accomplishing the main objectives of this assignment: 

1) define and illustrate the concept by way of showing its significance; and

2) demonstrate the extent to which your “research question,” in its attention to that concept, is actually connected to a larger, ongoing academic conversation.

Toward the end of your paper, further unpack what you’ve said by way of addressing the second major objective (that is, again, to convince your reader that your “research question” has something useful and unique to contribute to the larger conversation you’ve just described). One of the best strategies for making this kind of move is to identify and analyze ways in which your sources seem to come up short with respect to how they deal with the concept or term in question (in other words, look for gaps and fallacies in each source’s logic that your “research question” actually manages to take into account. Do this analytical work by doing comparative analysis of your sources, and also by using one particular source as a “lens” to “reread” another source.


Title: How New Insights Alter Lifelong Beliefs
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


How new insights alter lifelong beliefs

Researchers acknowledge that belief drive frameworks determine several behavioral activities. Beliefs influence a person because of their significance concerning the relevance of knowledge to a particular situation (Raths & McAninch 37). Therefore, identifying this relationship is the basis for understanding the valuability of adopting new arguments to the theoretical frameworks of an individual that may be belief driven. Many studies demonstrate the link between these events and over the years, researchers have collected evidence linking new insights gained through adaptation and flexibility to lifelong held beliefs (Ang & Van Dyne 168). The beliefs of individuals vary from naïve, that knowledge is simple and clear to sophisticated, that learning is fixed but is transmitted from a person to the other.


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