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How Is The Growth Of Social Media Changing The Tourism And Hospitality Sectors?


Case study: How is the growth of social media changing the tourism and hospitality sectors? A comparative review of how tourism and hospitality enterprises are dealing with the rapid growth of social media?

What social media platforms are the different sectors of the tourism and hospitality using? How are they using social media? For example, are they using it to connect with their customers, drive bookings etc?


Title: How Is The Growth Of Social Media Changing The Tourism And Hospitality Sectors?
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Social Media and Tourism Industry

Executive Summary

The wide spread of internet and the rapid growth of technology have revolutionized operations in the current business environment. The tourism industry is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the changes in the technological sphere (Zeng, 2013). The tourism industry is information-intensive, which makesthe internet one of its most importantbusiness assets. The tourists have to collect a vast amount of information before making the decision to consume the services offered by the tourism sector. The information is pivotal in reducing the risks associated with traveling and boosting the confidence of the consumers, which results in quality experience. 

The development of internet and other communication tools have thus enhanced the effectiveness and efficiency of the tourism business. The aspect of internet and technology that has most benefited the tourism sector is the social media. Tourists heavily rely on online word-of-mouth for information about places they are planning to visit (Zeng, 2013). The social media provides a platform for the tourists to instantly interact and share experiences. The paper aims to define social media as well as illustrate the duration the tourism industry has used social media and the importance of the growth of social media in the tourism industry.


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