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Health Care 5 Pages

How Does Stress Affect Police Officers?


Introduce the topic: Define what is stress


  • What is the causes Police Officers to suffer stress? How does stress affect Police officers on and off duty?
  • What resources are provided to Police Officers in order to deal with Stress? (programs, help)
  • What are some things that need/can be done to help Police Officers reduce on and off duty stress?


Summarize the paper

All paragraphs must be related to one another, At least 5 references, APA Style, Double Space ,12 size font


Title: How Does Stress Affect Police Officers?
Length: 5 pages (1375 Words)
Style: APA



            The term stress is used to define a situation or event outside an individual, for instance, disastrous event, shift work, physical isolation, extremes of temperature, loud noise, etc. In other words, it is what humans feel when they think they are beyond the control of events (Ellison, 2004). Even though stress can sometimes get someone going, or even give them the necessary morale to push on with some goal, most of the time, it undermines both our mental and physical health. This article aims at discussing how stress affects police officers, and this is done from a broad point of view. 

            Although stress affects people in all professions, police officers are believed to be more affected. In this section, we will examine different sources of stress that make police officers suffer stress. At the top of the list is none other than line-of-duty situations, which can range from hostile confrontations such as shootouts, high speed chase to even hostage situations (Bartholome, 2007). Just from having a look at the above three scenarios, a police officer is prone to unimaginable amounts of stress. If this is the kind of exposure one gets every working day, then the outcomes cannot be close to being normal. Without regular checks and monitoring the levels of stress in police officers cannot then be predictable.


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