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How Does Ice Combats Terrorism In The Modern Era


The research proposal is a 3-6 page double-spaced description of the research project you that you will complete in CRIM 480. You will identify a general topic of inquiry, describe the current state of research in a summarized literature review, articulate a research question to guide original research during CRIM 480, and predict results. 


INTRODUCTION (1 Paragraph):

Identify the general topic that you are investigating, explain why it is relevant to the field of criminal justice or to the administration of justice, provide a brief overview of your academic research, and identify the research question that you will address through original research in CRIM 480. 


Provide a brief summary of 4-5 academic or scholarly sources addressing your general topic. Do not use Web sites. You should address one source at a time. For each source: introduce the source, provide a brief overview of the research and main points addressed in that source, and explain how this source will be useful for your project. Note that this is not intended to be a synthesized essay on your topic. Although this literature review cannot be comprehensive, it should provide a brief overview of the current state of research on your topic. This summary will be expanded in your CRIM 480 research project. All references must include in-text citations. 


Research Question: Apply your general topic to your agency in a single, open-ended research question. This Question will guide your original interview research during CRIM 480. Your research question must target the expertise of professionals at your agency and should be broad enough to cover a wide variety of interview questions. You will not be permitted to interview any vulnerable subjects for this project. 

Methodology: Describe the method that you will follow to answer your Research Question. Explain how you will choose 4-6 professionals to serve as your research subjects, and how you will design interview questions to collect relevant data from these professionals regarding your research question. Your methodology may also include analysis of other relevant statistical data, but such data may not replace the personal interviews and you must explain the relevancy of any alternative data.


Include 3-4 sample questions that you intend to ask your research subjects. These should be thoughtful questions that probe the expertise of professionals in your agency and should be listed in bullet format. 

LIMITATIONS (1 paragraph)

Any reputable research discloses the underlying limitations of that research. You should describe the factors that limit the reliability of your conclusions, or the degree to which your findings could be generalized to a wider population. Include factors such as the limited scope of your literature review, your small sample size, and possible bias.

CONCLUSION (1 paragraph)

Summarize your general topic and your research question, and discuss the results that you expect to obtain.


All papers must include a separate List of References or Bibliography in APA format. You must also pay strict attention to the use of proper in-text citations throughout the paper. 


Title: How Does Ice Combats Terrorism In The Modern Era
Length: 4 pages (100 Words)
Style: APA



This paper aims to address how U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) combat terrorism in the modern era. This will be done by drawing literature from ICE’s databases and other array of studies by scholars relating to this subject. The paper will compare the traditional ways that ICE has combated terror in the past with the new ways the department has adopted in the modern era. The research aim is to get an understanding of effective ways that ICE can use for combatting terrorism in the United States.


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