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Psychology 8 Pages

How Changes In Life Circumstances Affect Friendships


You should read through Shazia’s and Deborah’s interview and take note of any items that can be codes. These should relate to the research question. When revising your codes, bear in mind the characteristics of a good code!

These codes will then form into themes. Once you have fully completed collating your coded data and revising your codes, you need to start thinking about how these codes might combine to form a theme.


Title: How Changes In Life Circumstances Affect Friendships
Length: 8 pages (2200 Words)
Style: Havard


Available evidence shows a relationship between changes in life circumstance and friendships. This research seeks to show whether lifestyle changes affect the levels of friendships. The study findings will show the advantage of a person who confronts a friend with these circumstances in mind, and argues that such friendships can last for long periods. In the society, people can avert several circumstances to solidify friendships. To understand the impacts of changes in life circumstance on friendships this paper will explore the findings of earlier research and the findings of an interview.


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