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Write a paper in response to to the following post:

Constructivist involves students learning from their previous knowledge/understanding. The ist portion of the word Constructivist I think refers to the activity of the student members. The students are doing the work. The ism portion of the concept Constructivist Teaching is the system/style of learning. The students working together yield the end product being newly attained knowledge/understanding.

Their relevance to the need for a new paradigm for nursing education in today’s world: Not just constructivism and constructivist will have relevance but any new way that students learn better will have relevance. In this case autonomy drives the new paradigm of student learning.

Reflect on what you’ve learned about change and the faculty role in creating a learner centered approach to teaching nursing: I have learned that nursing students may learn better when nursing instructors encourage individual and team oriented learning. When the nursing instructor loosens the reins and give nursing students empowerment/confidence that they can learn from their preexisting experiences/mistakes and help their teammates learn, everyone the instructor included benefits.

Do you believe that creating a learner centered approach will prove to be a challenge for you:

I think that given my strong background in the alternative form of on-line learning and education through the mail, I may have less of a challenge creating a learner centered approach.

Discuss the most positive learning experience you ever had as a student, can you see how your teacher created an environment that supported your learning? Was there a change in the status quo to how you usually learn?

The best learning experiences I have had involved the outdoors. When I was in the Vocational Nursing program we would practice some of our skills outside: To practice taking phone orders we sat at tables outside and one nursing student would play the doctor giving the orders and the other the nurse taking the orders. This was loads of fun when we reviewed what was said and what was written. I don’t think there was a change in the status quo to how I usually learned as a child. I think that there was for me as an adult learner because I understood that where you learn environmentally affects you mentally. Nurses are usually locked up in institutions for learning clinically and theoretically. Many nurses only took outside breaks to smoke?

Now, reflect on a negative experience you had as a student and how it might have been different if your teacher used a constructivist approach or learner-centered approach:

I think that when there is a disagreement of facts in the classroom students should be encouraged to problem solve and actively be allowed to call on the individuals involved to verify information to the group rather than an in office meeting with a dean, when the individual is not able to produce proof of work that has disappeared. Work that was in the care of other students given job positions by the school for work study. 

Who was more important in each of these learning activities, you and your classmates, or your teacher?

It appears that the final job of learning is the responsibility of the student, so I would say that ultimately the student and instructor because the student outcome, the grade earned will be the proof that effective learning was attained from the instructor.  
Finkle, L. M., "Teaching in Nursing: The Faculty Role." Teaching in Nursing: A Guide for Faculty. By D. M. Billings & J.A. Halstead. 4th ed. St. Louis, MO: Suanders/Elsevier, 2012. 1-14.


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Response Paper

The student has attempted to define the words constructivist and constructivism at the same time by removing the letters ‘ist’ and replacing them with ‘ism.’ This is not a good way of defining and differentiating the words.  It were better if each of the words was defined and clarified separately. However, I agree with the claim that the effectiveness of nursing education is enhanced by the combination of individual and group learning. This is best exemplified in the student response question to the placement activities that involved sharing knowledge and interacting with other students.


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