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History 2 Pages

Homer’s Iliad: Translations From Stanley Lombardo


Please read the below-assigned passage from Homer's Iliad (here translated by Stanley Lombardo). 

The Iliad deals with just one year in the Trojan War, a mythic confrontation between Greeks and the city of Troy. Look up the basic story if you're unfamiliar with it (or read more of it from this online translation), but for the written response focus only on the passage noted here. Questions to consider...what is heroic in this world? How do the heroes interact with each other? What personal qualities are valued in this world? Are they the same as what we'd describe as 'heroic' in our society? Keep in mind what we discussed about the likely political landscape in the aftermath of the collapse of Mycenaean palaces...local chiefs jockeying for position and negotiating new networks for prestige. In class discussion, we'll tack back and forth between this exaggerated heroic conceit and its real-world analogues in the Dark Age. Remember that as an oral tradition, Homeric epic must have resonated with audience expectations even as it details the impossibly grand exploits of its protagonists.

As you respond to these questions, please support your interpretation by citing specific lines and phrases from your passage -- quote them directly or record line numbers in parentheses. General comments that don't stick close to the following passage aren't sufficient.

The passage.pdf


Title: Homer’s Iliad: Translations From Stanley Lombardo
Length: 2 pages (684 Words)
Style: MLA


Homer’s Iliad: Translations from Stanley Lombardo

 The Trojan War is a heroic story based on the mythical confrontation between the city of Troy and the Greeks. This world of Iliad is heroic because of the intrigues of schemes from both the gods and the great soldiers of Greek mythology. According to the passage, the warlords and the gods were sound asleep in the night, oblivious of the possible scheming or attacks from the enemy camp. “The gods their warhorses” (page 20, number 1). The fact that even Greek soldiers were sound asleep in the midst of the night during a period of war speaks volumes of their might and heroic bravery. Even more heroic is the fact that Zeus was able to convince Agamemnon the victory is his for the taking in a dream despite the disagreement between the Olympian gods. “Now is your longer divided” (page 21, number 35). Also, the inbound and consistent disagreements between the great Greek soldiers in the Greek camp are heroic because soldiers at war are known to respect to fellow companions.


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