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Using the client population affected by the problem chosen (homelessness) as the focus of the research paper, students will identify five (5) social service resources available

to a person in their own community with those particular needs. Students will research the services offered and include in the file, the agency name, specific service

that would be helpful to the imaginary client, hours, cost, limitations and benefits.


If the student’s community lacks 5 resources of benefit to the client, the student will invent the resources that the community should provide. Students will provide

a brief (1 or 2 paragraphs) commentary and analysis about their process in developing this file and about what was found or not found available in that particular community.


Title: Homelessness
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA



The Homeless Services Program is meant to provide homeless individuals with a variety of services. Homelessness is the state of sleeping outside, in an emergency shelter, or transitional housing program since one cannot afford their own home. There are a number of reasons why individuals are at risk of being homeless including unemployment, and high housing costs, living doubled up. There are a number of ways that the community has responded to this crisis through initiating different programs attempting to assist the affected individuals. These programs include emergency shelters, meals, transitional housing, substance addiction treatment or detox, and employment assistance (Burt & United States, 2010).


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