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Hizballah In Lebanon


The thesis or the question that should be answered is "Why did Hizb’allah occupy parts of Beirut in Spring 2008(relay on the three levels of analysis which are the individual, domestic and systematic level).

Is Hizb’allah nothing but an Iranian agent in Lebanese politics?(the answer of the second part of the thesis is yes" you should answer those two questions throughout the paper.( THIS is the thesis that should be mention in the end of the introduction).

  • When answering the thesis Look into the three levels of analysis (individual level, domestic level and systematic level).
  • for example in the individual level talk about the accident of the security agent and how Hizb’allah insist , and talk about other examples and facts to support the thesis.
  • talk about the Isreal and Lebanon war if it helps proving the thesis.
  • In domestic level you should present the extreme violence that happened and other facts that prove the thesis.
  • Why and How Hizb’allah follow Iran?

Title: Hizballah In Lebanon
Length: 7 pages (2087 Words)
Style: APA


Hizballah in Lebanon

Hizballah is Shi'a Islamist group of militants and also a political party that is based in Lebanon.  Various countries like Israel, Canada, and the United States have classified it as a terrorist organization due to the issuance of terrorist threats. In contrast, other organizations like the Gulf Cooperation Council and the European Union have categorized the group as a military wing but have not listed it as a whole terrorist organization. Basically, Ranstorp (1997) asserts that the Hizballah, also referred to as Hezbollah, was created by Muslim clerics and was funded by Iran to protest against the invasion of Israel in Lebanon in 1982. Further, its forces were trained by the revolution guards of Iran who had authorization from the Syrian government. Therefore, it seems that Hizballah was an Iranian agent that was used by Iran to further her interests in Lebanon politics.


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