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Hiv/Aids In Sri Lanka


Critical Analysis paper:

lluminate the social and cultural determinants of health and sickness, and how these effect or prevent well-being and healing. Think of this paper as a cumulative exam to show me that you have learned to analyze a health problem from a medical anthropology perspective. Social and cultural determinants can be any and all of the following: family, work, environment, religion, economics, poverty, politics, immigration, race/ethnicity, gender, age, sexuality, class, stigma, structural violence, globalization, etc. Choose only one current health issue, and draw on course and lecture materials PLUS 2 academic articles from medical anthropology journals of your choice. Choose these articles wisely to make the strongest argument possible. 

Example 2: Explore the global AIDS epidemic. Is AIDS experienced, perceived, treated, and prevented in the same way everywhere? How is it possible for millions of people to have the same “disease” but experience and cope with it very differently? What factors determine such vastly different outcomes of living with it? Why? How?


Title: Hiv/Aids In Sri Lanka
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HIV/AIDS in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka had an estimate of 3000 people who were infected with HIV and AIDS in the year 2009. The HIV prevalence rate according to UNAIDS was less than 0.1 percent. Among the Asian nations, Sri Lanka had the lowest prevalence rate although the annual number of infected persons has increased considerably from 54 cases to 137 instances in a period of 9 years. The same period saw the cumulative number of HIV-infected individuals rise to 1199 cases (Kanda et al. 2013:160). The common risk factors in Sri Lanka include inadequate use of condoms, domestic or international mobility, and the growing sex industry, which are the key issues in the country. The paper therefore aims at discussing and analyzing the issues of HIV and AIDS in Sri Lanka.


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