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History Of Ipm Regarding Viticulture And Enology


History of IPM regarding viticulture and enology. IPM is integrated pest management.


Title: History Of Ipm Regarding Viticulture And Enology
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History of IPM regarding Viticulture and Enology


Humans entirely depend on their environment to get both food and water. It is important to find measures that ensure that the environment is not harmed and hence can support people sustainably. Since the Stone Age, people have come to find better ways to make sure that farming efforts yield the best. Humans, from an early stage, were able to identify crops that did better in one area, and flourish lesser in another. With time, practices including crop rotation and seasonal planting were introduced. In the previous century, everybody witnessed rapid transformations in the field of agriculture. For example, the 1940s brought about the introduction of pesticides, an idea that has been widely criticized for being unfriendly to both humans and the environment (Windsor et al., 2015). These are among some of the reasons that pushed for research on better pest management practices.


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