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Historical Articles Reviews


Of the following questions, select three (3) in addition to the Final question at the end and answer them in essay form. Instructions follow the questions:

In the “Summary View of the Rights of British America” what are the principal grievances that Jefferson takes to be critical. What is the founding myth that Jefferson tells about how/why the British have come to America? How does Jefferson use both Lockean and Hobbesian political philosophy in his argument?

What are the reasons that Thomas Paine gives in his argument that reconciliation with the British is impossible? What are his reasons why America should be an independent country? What makes “Common Sense” different, in your opinion, from the other texts of political philosophy we have studied so far?

Create a hybrid document using both the “Declaration of Independence” and the “Summary View of the Rights of British America” announcing the independence of the United States from Britain. Feel free to cut and paste at will but try not to inject too much in the way of new ideas. Make sure to reference your sources.

Create a hybrid document using both the “Bill of Rights,” the letter of Abigail Adams, the Slavery and Native Voices texts along with the the “Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen” to create a new “Bills of Rights.” Feel free to cut and paste at will but try not to inject too much in the way of new ideas. Make sure to reference your sources.

Why does the Federalist take their project to be so important? What is the chief threat to republics? What are the causes of this threat? Does the Federalist think you can prevent this ­ why or why not? What does the Federalist take to be the solution to this problem? According to the Federalist, how might democracy actually make this threat worse?

What are the Federalist Farmer and Brutus’ central worries about the ratification of the constitution? How does the Federalist seek to answer them?

How do you square the both the real attempt to create a “republic for the people, by the people” ­ all the discussion of liberty and freedom in this country founding documents ­ with the reality of slavery and the genocide of the native population? Use any text you feel useful, but especially the texts on slavery and natives voices

Can Marx’s view of communism be squared with the aims of the framers of the Constitution, etc. How might Marx use both Locke’s idea of property and the Federalist worry about Factions to make his point? Which ideals do they share in common and which may be inimical? Do you think that America could ever become a socialist country? Why or why not?

Answer the following questions: 

  1. What has been the most compelling idea or realization you have had from the texts, lectures, discussions in this class? 
  2. How has your view of American politics or the American experience been impacted? 
  3. If there is one idea you from the texts, lectures, and discussions you wished more people knew what would it be?
  4. If there is anything else you would like to let me know, please do!


Title: Historical Articles Reviews
Length: 7 pages (1925 Words)
Style: APA


Historical Articles Reviews

Common Sense by Thomas Paine

According to Thomas Paine, reconciling with the British was a rather impossible mission. In his book, “Common Sense”, Paine depicts an aspect of hopelessness by the Americans in the fight for their independence against the British. He provides a sort of ultimatum to the Americans to give up their efforts against seeking reconciliation with the British or they would live to suffer under the British colonial rule. The reasons for this negativity as depicted by Thomas Paine lie within his deeply held beliefs that maintaining a close relationship between the Americans and the British colonial rulers was better than fighting and rebelling against them.

 According to Paine, Britain’s freely offered protection of the American Colonies was only for their own financial gain and not for the interests of protecting the American people. He depicts the fact that altruism was not the stronger suit of the British people, and thus Americans would only be at a disadvantage by trying to reconcile with the British. Being part of the British colony meant that the Americans would thus be enemies with other European countries involved in the colonization. He further points out that America would stand to gain nothing with its affiliation to the British. In fact, reconciling with the British would only increase the already huge financial burden imposed on the Americans by the British.


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