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Hero Figure In American Tv Shows Or Films


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Title: Hero Figure In American Tv Shows Or Films
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Hero Figure In American TV Shows or Films

Heroism in TV shows and films is a trend that is fast spreading in the entertainment industry of the US and of the world. Some of the most popular shows and films in the world have an aspect of heroism or a uniquely represented villain. The role of heroism in this TV shows and films continues to change in definition as well as the role of the hero figure in passing the intended message of the film or show. Two types of heroes can be used in a TV show whereby an official hero serves the purpose of helping the public by fighting off crime and threats facing the public. The outlaw hero, on the other hand, is used to depict an aspect of heroism whereby the character is involved in evil deeds or behavior to achieve a certain objective. In most cases, the official hero and the outlaw hero are involved in a direct confrontation. In the Batman Film Series, the film depicts a masked man who fights off crime and protects the general public of the “Gotham City.” The role Batman plays serves the purpose of inspiring the public in terms of modern day heroes who do not always have supernatural powers and fight crime but contribute positively towards enhancing the wellbeing of the general public. The continued use of heroes in movies and TV shows represents a culture where people in society desires such heroes who not only protect them but also serves the greater good of inspiring other people.


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