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English 101 5 Pages

Heather Henyon


Read 50 Short Bios of the Most Influential Arabs Worldwide and shortlist 5 people that you think they are successful

Select One out of 5


  1. Why do you think he or she is successful?
  2. What kind of business do they run? (in-depth information)
  3. Describe core skills. (Are they risk takers?)
  4. What are the challenges he or she had to overcome to get where they are?

If you had a chance to meet with this person and have an intimate conversation what kind of question would you ask and why.  


Title: Heather Henyon
Length: 5 pages (1375 Words)
Style: APA


Heather Henyon

Heather Henyon is one of the most influential Arab women entrepreneurs in the Middle East. She is the managing partner and founder of Balthazar Capital, a micro investment firm in the Middle East. Henyon is also the founder of Women’s Angel Investment Network (WAIN), which has gained popularity worldwide as the first angle investment group focusing on women in the Middle East. The investment network supports female elites and entrepreneurs in the country through a joint investment process. Henyon also participated in Grameen-Jameel, a social business that is privately owned by the Grameen Foundation and the Abdul Latif Jameel Group. Under the leadership of Henyon, the entity has created various micro finance institutions in different parts of the Middle East (In Jamali, & In Lanteri, 2015).

            Under the leadership of Henyon, the Grameen-Jameel investment group originated and managed to close up to $44 million in financial leverage debt funding for various micro finance institutions in ordan, Syria, Morocco, Egypt, and 2004, Henyon left the Wall Street after which she ventured into the social enterprise sector. She had previously worked for Standard and Poor as an analyst in corporate board ratings in the auto supplier and goods sector (In Jamali, & In Lanteri, 2015). The entrepreneur has more than nine years of experience in the micro finance industry, as well as more than eight years of professional experience in project finance, financial services, and telecom consulting.

            For the last fifteen years, Henyon has worked in Egypt, UAE, Palestine, Lebanon, and other regions of the Middle East. She is also an advisor to a Dutch micro finance private institution; CoFund, and also serves in the Advisory Council of the BR Micro-capital, which is a micro-finance fund owned by Cornell University. Henyon is the chair of Dubai Micro-finance Club, an assistant chair of the Johnston Middle East Alumni Club of Cornell University, and a member of various micro-finance boards in the Middle East (In Jamali, & In Lanteri, 2015).


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