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Sociology 3 Pages

Healthier Relationships


Ways to start, stop, and continue improving relationships in my community


Title: Healthier Relationships
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Healthier Relationships

To improve my relationships continuously, I will start to balance the amount of power and control I have over my relative or partner. All relationships entail problems of influence and control (Lue 2009). I usually like to sway my relatives or partner’s actions. Apparently, my relatives and partner do not appreciate excessive control or authority over their actions. This is a clear indication that people need the ability to control their actions, but dislike the control and influence of others over these actions. When closely explored, relationship conflicts frequently have almost nothing to do with the true problem being debated. Instead, these conflicts frequently entail a struggle between influence and control amongst the parties involved. My experience is a struggle for control in the relationship. Such conflicts harm relationships substantially. As a result, I will begin balancing my control in my relationships with respect to that of my relative or partner.


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