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Health Care 2 Pages

Healthcare Questions


1- Healthcare costs that you learned from the week 5 readings (power point)? Which 2 or 3 do you believe will have the most important impact?

2- Summarize your key learnings from " A guide to strategic cost transformation in hospitals and health systems" that is posted in the week 5 folder. What are the challenges you might encounter when trying ti implement this guide in a health care organization?

3- List and briefly define the 5 or 6 key decision areas where Incremental Analysis can be employed. When incremental analysis is employed which costs and revenues are included and excluded?

4- If it cost more to make a product or service then we should always outsource or buy it. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

5- Briefly define what is meant by telemedicine or telehealth? How do you see this technology impacting health care cost and quality? What are the obstacles that must be overcome?


Title: Healthcare Questions
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Question 1

There are quite many approaches that can serve to limit the incremental costs. The first technique entails the acceptance of orders at special prizes. Incremental costs can also be limited by just buying component parts or even finished products instead of physically manufacturing the products from the initial stages. Selling or processing a product further can curb increase in incremental costs in addition to carrying out of repair services or replacing facilities. Lastly, the elimination of business segments that do not seem profitable is a good strategy of helping the situation. However, the most significant strategies that can greatly assist in bringing down the incremental costs include the consideration of prizes and the buying of finished products or component parts.


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