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Health Care 2 Pages

Healthcare Provision


The Case Study in Chapter 4 pp. 80 - 81 (Jonas et al, 2011) asks you to look at the experience of other countries for ideas and methods to promoting primary care.  

Discuss the following points:

1. What are alternative ways to use system-wide incentives to encourage delivery of high-quality, prevention-oriented primary care?

2. How might Americans be reoriented to using primary care, rather than costlier specialty services?


Title: Healthcare Provision
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Healthcare Provision

Healthcare is one of the most discussed social topics in the United States particularly following the new changes that the current president introduced. The country has a different system when compared to those of other developed countries such as Canada, UK, and Australia. Recently, the government introduced a healthcare policy that would see the rich play a critical role in ensuring the poor have access to primary healthcare. Employers are supposed to pay for the medical costs of their employees while the state will have to cater for the bills of the poor, homeless, and unemployed. 

Even though the policy is meant to improve healthcare provision in the country, it is difficult to sustain it for a longer period. Kovner, Knickman, and Jonas, (2008) discuss this issue in detail and give their verdict. The following discourse summarizes their views in chapter four with an aim of answering two major questions which include looking at the alternative ways, such as the use of system-wide incentives to encourage the delivery of high quality, prevention-oriented primary care as well as finding ways through which Americans might be reoriented to using primary care rather than the current costlier speciality services.


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