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Health Care 5 Pages

Healthcare Discussion Questions


Describe the role and importance of the organization’s ethical values (350 words) 1 reference

Decisions regarding services to provide to various patients can become ethically challenging. For example, if patients, family members and clinicians have widely different perspectives regarding appropriate care/treatment options, ethical dilemmas arise. Ethics Committees can assist patients and organizations to resolve issues. (150 words)

Ethics committees have three major roles within a health care organization:

  • Provide clinical ethics consultation
  • Develop and/or revise policies pertaining to clinical ethics
  • Educate clinicians, patients and families about topical issues in clinical ethics (Pearlman, 2013).

Which of these three functions is most important? Why?

Please use minimum of 100 words each questions

  • What ethical principles would you consider when evaluating the ethical nature of policies out of date?
  • Not only does a HIPAA breach violate ethical commitments, but HIPAA breaches have legal implications as well (Fremgen, 2016).Understanding that it is legally and ethically wrong to share confidential patient information, why does it occur?

Title: Healthcare Discussion Questions
Length: 5 pages (1375 Words)
Style: APA



Describe the role and importance of the organization’s ethical values (350 words) 1 reference

Ethics play an important role in the general operations of an organization. The ethical orientation of an organization can affect the organization in several ways including productivity, its reputation, and bottom-line. Therefore, ethics have many benefits. First, an ethical culture influences the morale of the employees in a positive way. This will in turn lead to increased productivity and reduced turnover. Due to this, more productivity will lead to more profits. On the other hand, the retention of employees will reduce the employee replacement costs. The role of ethics within an organization is to ensure that not all the organization conducts violate the rights of others both at the organizational or individual level of practice. Ethics ensure that the laws of the country are not violated too. For instance, the foreign corrupt practice act ensures that businesses in the United States do not indulge in corruption or other malpractices that go contrary to the law. Organizations, which do not uphold ethical values in their business activities, have been found to fail due to the absence of this aspect. 


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