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Health Care 6 Pages

Health Informatics And Health Information Management


Description:Sources to go through
Office of disease preventions and health promotion
National institutes of health
National institute on drug abuse NIDA
Substance abuse and mental health
Washington state department of health (prescription monitoring program)

Topics: Monitoring Prescription Drug Addiction in America
II.Causes of addiction
a.Properties of the medication
b.Over prescribing
III.Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs
a.National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws
b.CDC reporting of prescription drug abuse
IV.The role of Health Informatics in tracking prescription drug use
V.Impact on healthcare system and health informatics
a.Very expensive for hospitals
b.Health insurance
1.Private insurance
3.Affordable insurance plans for individual
c.Effect of pharmaceutical companies
1.Positive effect
2.Negative effect
4.Economic impact


Title: Health Informatics And Health Information Management
Length: 6 pages (1600 Words)
Style: APA



The misuse of and addiction to prescription drugs especially pain relievers has become a serious problem impacting on the social, health, and economic welfare of the American society. A report by Dennis (2015) shows that roughly 60% of all Americans take a prescription drug for almost all forms of medication particularly for diabetes and high cholesterol treatment and antidepressants. Rudd, Aleshire, Zibbekk, and Gladden (2016) report that the incidence of deaths from drug overdoses has risen to 137% since 2000. 


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