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Sociology 2 Pages

Health And Disease


Drawing on the additional required readings/films from the reading in relation to weekly topics, in a two-page (double spaced, approx. 450-500 words) essay, write a critical summary of the text. The weekly topic is: Health and Disease


Title: Health And Disease
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Health Choices

For the past 40 years, marketing in America has been revolutionized by consumer needs and interests. The term “consumer sovereignty” is what economic experts have used to describe the situation crippling the health of many Americans. Consumer choice has increasingly become a personal matter such that consumers have over the years developed stronger brand loyalty even to products that have not yet been proved to healthy (Vimi, 14). Large corporations have abusively used their marketing powers to convince consumers that their needs and desires come first and should not be dictated to by anybody. Such misconceptions have violated the core meaning of sovereignty since in the end, some if not most of the consumer choices have proven to be detrimental to the health of the consumers themselves.


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