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Gun Control

Gun Control


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Title: Gun Control
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Gun Control

Gun control is one the most emotive issues in the US. The issue has dominated the political and social spheres for many decades. The debates are based on three main dimensions; the sociological, ethical, and legal (Esposito and Laura 74-77). Social science is more concern about the efficacy of gun control laws in regards to reducing violent crimes. The legal fraction of the debate tries to interpret the second amendment of the constitution. Law experts and the judiciary attempt to interpret whether the right to bear arms is limited to “well-regulated militia” or the right extends to private citizens. The ethical aspect of the debate revolves around the conflict between the right to bear arms and prevention of crime or protection of citizens (Esposito and Laura 83-86). In addition to the three dimensions, the parties involved in the debate aim to explore whether more legislation is necessary or improvement on the enforcement of the current legislation would suffice.


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