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Group Evaluation


Make evaluation about the students work with me in group . I want to write one paragraph for each person. The first paragraph will be talking about me than other paragraph talking about my friends in my group . we are 2 girls and 4 guys .The total will be 6 paragraphs 1 for me and 5 for my friends the name for him


Title: Group Evaluation
Length: 1 pages (307 Words)
Style: MLA


Group Evaluation

We are five members in my group. As a member of the group, I have a responsibility for the group coordination. I participate fully in the group and work together with the other members. I am well conversant with the course content and what I am required to do in the group.

Ye is a group member responsible for the group presentations. Ye participate well in the group and contribute to the group work. He is also conversant with the course content and attends all classes. I can rate Ye’s work in the group as excellent.


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