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Green Sustainability Products
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Green Sustainability Products


You are an account manager at a marketing firm specializing in creating green and sustainable marketing plans for businesses that want to improve their effect on the environment. Several businesses have asked your firm to help develop marketing around sustainable products. 

Choose one of the following industries and select a company: •Toy: Mattel, Inc.®, The LEGO Group®, Nintendo® Co., Ltd., or Hasbro, Inc®.  •Health and beauty: Proctor & Gamble®, Johnson & Johnson®, Avon Products, Inc.®, or Revlon Consumer Products Corporation®.  

Propose the project to the client and your firm’s upper management in a proposal, identifying three sustainable product opportunities in the product line. 

Explain how the firm may internally market green and sustainable philosophies. 

Explain the relationship between sustainable products and consumer demand, and how your proposed products meet demand.

Explain advantages and disadvantages of converting to green philosophies.

Analyze costs associated with the transitions.


Title: Green Sustainability Products
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: APA


Green Sustainability Products

A sustainable product plan is both foundation and a guidance report to help marketing firms produce green sustainable products and at the same time improve the environment. Sustainable products provide economic and social benefits while at the same time protecting the environment and general public health over its whole lifecycle, that is, from the point of extraction of raw materials up to the last disposal. The Revlon Consumer Products Corporation, one of the largest cosmetics company, is dedicated to producing three most sustainable products namely makeup, hair color and fragrance.


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