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Greatest Moral Obligation Of A Leader


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Title: Greatest Moral Obligation Of A Leader
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Greatest Moral Obligation of a Leader

A leader is somebody that everyone looks up to at all times. Such a person acts like a role model to many, inspiring both the young and old people in his or her capacity as a leader. He or she demonstrates some level of sufficiency in terms of persuasion, an attribute that makes many people to follow him or her. Therefore, this means that such a person identifies with certain beliefs, values, ethical standards, and an impeccable character that make other people consider him or her as a great person in the society. The leaders are visionary in nature, with a selfless heart that is always mindful of others in the society. They do not discriminate other people in their humble beings, because they believe that each person is an independent unit with a valid potential to enhance positive transformation. The greatest moral obligation that a good leader should have is integrity in all spheres of life to enhance the exhibition of other quality attributes integral to leadership.


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