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Great In Bed Book Review


Book Review

Reflecting on your goals for the course, your personal interests, and what topics aren’t going to be covered according to the syllabus select a topic you’d like to know more about. Choose one of the following or talk to me if you have a particular interest in another topic and we can select a book with factual information for you to review:

1. The Science of Orgasm (Komisaruk & Whipple; this is a very interesting book but long/heavy on science so only choose it if you're into that; liked by both women and men)

2. Great in Bed (Herbenick & Stoddard; this is a short read; lots of illustrations; liked by both women and men; I strongly suggest getting the paper version as the e-book version is missing lots of pictures because of Apple's issues with nudity and such)

3. The New Male Sexuality (Zilbergeld; really great book; excellent for men or people who partner with men; also long; if you choose this book, I am okay with you reading, let's say, half of it and writing your book review on the first half)

4. The Kid (Savage; chronicles the author's experience adopting a baby as a gay man with his boyfriend; funny and a quick read)

5. The Vagina Monologues (Ensler; very quick read; probably appeals more to women than men but a lot of guy students have loved this book)

6. Read My Lips (Herbenick & Schick; medium to long; probably appeals more to women than men; authors included crafting ideas in each chapter)

7. Secret Sex Lives (Suzy Spencer; chronicles the author's experiences emailing with, and meeting, people around the country who enjoy non-vanilla forms of sex and relationships)

8. Paying For It (Chester Brown; this is a graphic novel and is about the author's thoughts on sex work/prostitution; it's pretty interesting and also a fairly quick read)

9. The Orgasm Answer Guide (Whipple & Komisaruk; quick read; Q&A style; all about orgasm)


1. Provide a brief (1-2 paragraph each) summary of the book and why you chose the book.

2. Identify the intended audience of the book (e.g., college students, gay men, elderly people, women or men of a certain age, policy makers, academics, etc) and describe why you feel this is true.

3. To what extent do you feel that the information in the book is credible? Why or why not? What kinds of information are used – for example, personal stories, scientific evidence, personal experience or opinions? Is this kind of information reliable enough for you? What would make the book “stronger” in its ability to convey reliable information to you?

4. How does the book relate to course topics (if at all)?

5. What did you learn from reading the book, if anything? Provide up to 2 examples from the book. If you learned nothing, describe why you think that is.

6. What types of people would you recommend the book to? If you would not recommend it to others, why would you not?

7. What did you like or dislike about the book?


Title: Great In Bed Book Review
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: APA


Realizing the Pleasures of Sex

Describing great in bed as just being an awesome book would appear an under-rating of the book. Great in bed takes the reader with it all along the book. Its gives an almost real environment of sex as it happens. Debby Herbenick and Stoddard, Grant employ an interactive approach where the two partners as they guide the reader into fully realizing and appreciating all about sex live . Sex and life are two closely related factors. Accordingly, a satisfactory life involves a fulfilling sex life in one way or another. Furthermore, Great in bed so amazingly explores this aspect of sex in a very interactive and real way thus my selection of the book. The book is authored by two great professionals who have incorporated a lot of experience and richness in the field of book writing.


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