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Grant Proposal For Distracted Driving Program


Grant Proposal Assignment 

For this assignment, you will write a grant proposal for a program related to your topic (Distracted Driving) on which you also wrote your policy analysis paper. You can be creative about what kind of program you put forward in this proposal, but it should be grounded in the research literature so that you can make a strong case for it. Because this is the same topic(Distracted Driving), you will draw from the same literature review that you used in the policy analysis paper(please review attachment). It will need to be modified to fit into the grant proposal format. 

Here are the components, which need to be included in your grant proposal:

A. Narrative A. Problem Statement (You can use a lot of information from the literature review for this section.) 

  1. What is the problem? 
  2. What is the specific program? Who will benefit?
  3. What is the rationale for why this might work to deal with the problem? 

B. Project Objectives

  1. Be specific about the goals and objectives of the project.
  2. Goals should be broad, and objectives should be measurable.

C. Project Design

  1. Define the tasks of the project. 
  2. Define the target population. 

D. Evaluation 

  1. How will you measure the effectiveness of the program?
  2. What will be considered a "success" of the program? 

E. Timeline 

F. Budget - for this part, you can make estimates of the monetary needs of the project. This is your best estimate.

G. Conclusion 

H. References 


Title: Grant Proposal For Distracted Driving Program
Length: 7 pages (2005 Words)
Style: APA


Distracted Driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) formulates laws that prohibit distractions while driving. The laws criminalize any distractions like the use of mobile phones or any other communication devices by the drivers. The laws have proved effective in curbing accidents through imposing hefty fines on offenders. NHTSA undertakes various measures to ensure that all parties know the laws and policies that are in force, and they adhere to them. Such include legislations and regulations the agency enacts and its ability to enforce the laws besides punish offenders. The agency also undertakes organizes open days for drivers where it sensitizes them the need to avoid distractions while driving.

Statement of Purpose

 The aim of the project is to sensitize drivers on the importance of avoiding making calls or using texting services while driving. Distracted driving involves one diverting attention from the road to something else (Ranney, 2008). Unfortunately, when that activity involves making a call or writing a text, the person tends to concentrate more and lose focus in controlling the vehicle, and this leads to accidents. This research aims to point out problems arising from distracted driving. 


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