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Gradebook Creation


For the Curriculum Development Project (CDP), you are to develop and design some
component of a curriculum which could be utilized in your own educational situation. Some
possible topics are developing all integrated unit(s); developing a unit utilizing differential
instruction; mapping and aligning units with state standards; exploring alternative
scheduling; developing alternative report cards; developing units integrating different
models of teaching; or your own creative ideas.
The CDP includes two parts:
 Part I will consist of an ongoing journal which is your record of how your ideas evolve
and develop. You should include descriptions of what is happening and what you are
learning and reflecting. Additionally, there will be opportunities for conversing about
your project with others during the term and you should integrate this dialogue into
your journal as well. The final journal should be submitted with part II. (Journal entries
should be typed double-spaced and should include the date of each entry. The length of
each entry is up to you but at least five journal entries must be based upon the
conversations that take place within the discussion forums).
 Part II of the CDP will be comprised of a written paper and supporting documents
which demonstrate and explain your curriculum development project. While there is
no predefined length of your written paper, you are expected to thoroughly address the
o Provide a description or explanation of the issue/situation that the CDP seeks to
o Justify how/why you approached the CDP. For instance, was the technique
described in literature that you read? Have you seen the method successfully


Title: Gradebook Creation
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The perceptions on the term curriculum vary on different people. Curriculum is extremely broad thus encompasses those who are teaching and those who are learning. Therefore, curriculum is a key element in educational process. In this light, curriculum development mainly entails a process of improving the curriculum. The main area under curriculum development projects are developing all integrated units, developing and utilizing differential instruction, mapping and aligning units with the state standards, and exploring alternative scheduling (Pattison & Berkas, 2000). All this areas in curriculum development are essential. However, the areas are very broad to handle them together.

Taking a case of developing all integrated units into consideration, it can be seen that education process should receive whole results rather than a summation of results bits. Integrated units curriculum focuses on ensuring that the education processes develops people wholesomely but not in several phases (Pattison & Berkas, 2000). Mainly this form aims at establishing a working relationship between the educators and the learners. In effect, the education process becomes meaningful. For instance, in this digital technology era question are arising as to why students seem to be suffering from boredom while in classes. Boredom and dropping out of school by students bring significant challenges in education process that need to be addressed (Jacobs et al., 1989).


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